Vermont Homeschooling Laws

This state has specific requirements for parents to follow.

Reporting: There is no attendance reporting requirement, although the state requires 175 days of instruction. The parents must file a written notice with the Education Commissioner on or after March 1 for the coming year.

Parents also have to turn in an annual assessment from either (a) a state-approved school teacher; (b) a report from a (boxed) curriculum provider along with the family’s own portfolio of the child’s work or (c) the results of an accepted standardized test, administered according to the state-approved guidelines — usually by a librarian, teacher or other similar third-party.

Compulsory Attendance: 6 to 16 with some broad exceptions.

Required Subjects: Math, reading, writing, English, U.S. and state history, citizenship, physical education, American literature, science and the arts.

Testing: See second paragraph under “Reporting”, above.

State Organization(s):
(1) Vermont Association of Home Educators – E-mail:

(2) Vermont Home Education Network
POB 255, Woodbury, VT 05681 – E-mail: