Virginia Homeschooling Laws

Parents have 3 options for not having their children enrolled in public schools: Operate a homeschool; operate a homeschool under the state religious exemption or hire a private tutor who is a certified teacher. The parent who uses option 1 must have a high school diploma, be a certified teacher or use an approved correspondence course.

Reporting: Parents must file an annual Notice of Intent with the local Superintendent of Education by August 15. If moving into the district, then the parents should file the Notice as soon as is reasonable and then comply with any other requirements within 30 days of that time.

Compulsory Attendance: Child must have reached 5th birthday by Sept 30 and not passed the 18th birthday.

Testing: Parents must administer a standardized test or some equivalent evaluation each year and submit the results to the local Superintendent by August 1.

State Organization(s):
(1) Home Education Association of Virginia (HEAV)
2248 G Dabney Road, Richmond, Virginia, 23230; 804-278-9200 – E-mail:

(2) The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers
POB 5131, Charlottesville, VA 22905; 866-513-6173 – E-mail:

Convention: #1 sponsors an annual conference. Check website for updates.