by Theresa Harrington

Parents and teachers are constantly searching for products that not only will educate children, but will also be a convenient product for a classroom or home. Wikki Stix is a product that covers all of the those bases. They are made of a hand-knitted yarn that is enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax. This makes them safe for all children to use. Wikki Stix provide opportunities to learn a variety of skills, but are also affordable, easy-to-use, and mess-free.

Wikki Stix can enhance and encourage many important skills for children. One of the most noticeable is development of fine motor skills. It is crucial for children to play and use their hands and fingers in order to develop excellent fine motor skills. Wikki Stix are bendable, twistable, and much more! When children are picking these up, folding them, bending them, and twisting them, they are increasing their fine motor skill abilities. In the future, this will help them learn how to hold a pencil when learning to write.

When children are playing with Wikki Stix, they are often using their imagination to create characters, animals, people, etc. They may even use their Wikki Stix creations as dolls or dress-up once they are created. This promotes imaginative play, which is one of the foundations of many other skills and attributes.

The great thing about Wikki Stix lies in its versatility. It can be used for both educational and entertaining purposes. Children can use Wikki Stix to illustrate the digestive system and trace historical ship routes, or play a game of tic-tac-toe or hangman. Each package of Wikki Stix offers the option of a cross-curricular book of ideas for teachers K-8, which will help the teacher suggest some starter ideas and uses to their students. Thus, teachers can pick and choose lessons and games to incorporate Wikki Stix into making the classroom an enriching environment.  Because Wikki Stix are made from long-lasting materials, they are sure to be used time and time again for multiple purposes, making Wikki Stix very affordable.

With Wikki Stix, the play and learn possibilities are endless, and new ways of using them can be discovered from the moment they’re out of the box and in your hands. Please visit the website www.wikkistix.com, for complete information. T.H.