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Recent Homeschooling Articles

  • Common Core Conundrum: Why Homeschoolers Should Care More (Not Less) Than Everyone Else

    By: Dr. Duke Pesta, university English professor and academic director of FreedomProject Academy  (www.fpeusa.org) Why does it always seem that those most vigilant in exercising forethought and taking responsibility, end up on the hook for everyone else? This, of course, is true across contemporary culture, from the ever-burgeoning welfare state...
  • Fish n’ Fun Family Resort

    http://fishnfunresort.com 417-585-6290 1079 Fish N Fun Rd. Shell Knob, MO 65747 By Michael Leppert Nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, in the heartland of America, the Fish n’ Fun Family Resort offers homeschooling families the opportunity to enjoy a restful, but fun-filled vacation. Located on the 40-mile long, pristine Table...
  • Homeschool Your Way to More Money for College

    Three Wishes College Strategies: Prepared for College. Empowered for Life. ™ Homeschool Your Way to More Money for College By Nancy Paul, CEO of Three Wishes College Strategies, www.ThreeWishesScholarships.com. Merit scholarships are the misunderstood solution to lowering college costs and empowering our students with validation for their accomplishments. Awarded for...
  • COVER STORY – Miss Quinn Martin: a Measure of Homeshcool Success

    Creative young people of all disciplines benefit from the flexibility of homeschooling by being able to take classes in their chosen fields of interest and still complete the academic subjects their institutionally-educated fellow students fulfill. A successful example of the balance between academics and arts is Miss Quinn Martin –...
  • Common Core: Is It Illegal?

    By Mary Hood, Ph.D. By now, most of you have probably heard something about Common Core. Many parents first noticed something was different when their small children began having difficulties with the math problems associated with the curriculum that is linked to Common Core. Even children who had been getting...
  • The Gift of a Home Business

    Once upon a time, many years ago, I decided to try a direct sales, work-from-home business. I’d found a product I loved and decided to give Usborne Books & More a try. I thought if things worked out, I’d have some extra income, a library of great books, and be...
  • Are Core Curriculum Standards and Critical Thinking Killing the Love for Learning?

    By Ronald E. Johnson, C.Ph.D. So-called educational experts have for more than three decades adopted the mantra of promoting critical thinking skills, ostensibly to inspire children to develop a love for learning. At the same time, sympathizers of Common Core Standards decry the practice of rote memory of facts and...
  • Common Core Standards What Do They Mean for Homeschoolers?

    By Tracy Weissman Dunbar Our schools have been quietly taken over. We are no longer teaching the skills and concepts that our kids need. Gone are the days of creativity, innovation, and personal growth: Here are the days of nationalized pigeonholing, segregation, dysfunction. It used to be that in America...
  • Homeschooling the Late Bloomer

    by Carolyn Forte More than thirty years ago, as a college student, I worked as an aide at Carl Harvey School for the Orthopedically Handicapped in Orange County, California. During two summers working with severely handicapped children, I learned that “experts” can help and advise, but that the very best...
  • The Richest Man in the World Has Some Advice for Us about College . . .

    (P.S. He didn’t take it himself) by John Taylor Gatto 1. William Faulkner On April 12, 2005, the August “New York Review of Books” pronounced William Faulkner “the most influential innovator in the annals of American fiction,” a man well-deserving of his Nobel Prize. Faulkner, a high school dropout, was...